Runflat System

Safe Sure

RunFalt System

Bullet Proof Wheels

Runflat systems provide the capability to continue journey for some extended distance,while experiencing one or more deflated or damaged tyres hit by a AK 47, SLR or tyre blast.

  • Balancing of Whell
  • Life of RunFlat
  • Product Range
  • Performance
  • Availble Sizes
  • Delivery schedule

Balancing of Wheel is required after installation of the ranflat system and similar to balancing a tyre with out Runflat.

Reusability is possible in some instances, however through exhimination of the RUNFLAT system is carried by qualified export

Life is RUNFLAT system is the distance it can travel in a deflated comdition and i governed by the tyre conditions and Runflat profile Runflat distances vary from 30-50 kmph

product Range avaliable in two models Low Profile : is suitable for low orofile tyres with tyre aspect ratio of below 50 and runs approximately 30 kilometers Runflat distance

performance SAFE SURE Runflat system complies with FINABEL standard and is approved by Ordianance Factories after rigorious fieeld trails.For reports and certification information ask our sales team

"SAFE SURE" RUNFLAT systems are avaliable in all standerd sizes depending on the wheel size and vehicle model 13' , 14' 15" 16" 17" 5" 20" 22'5" For your special requirement we can customize Runflats systems

We maintain ready stocks of standard sizes and normally take 4 weeks lead time aganist purchace order

The mobility is accomplished by the RUNFLAT System that supports tyre tread at sufficient distance from the wheel, so the wheel rim does not damage the tyre sidewalls. The RUNFLAT System is mounted securely on the rim inside the tyre and is not in contact with the tyre during normal course of journey